Danielle & Alex

FaceTime, Utah.

Okay this was for the first time and it was amazing! One day we will talk about the Coronavirus as something that has re-seated the people of the house, reminded how fragile human life is, and how rare it is to be home, with people we love. One day we also remember how many small busines began to come up with new ideas and how many of them overrun a crisis of this size. And above all, I will remember how close I'm to the people and states that are miles away from me. With this FaceTime session for an hour I felt good again after a few weeks. Again so that someone smiled at me, had fun, was grateful. And it was Danielle again. She and her husband Alex. How is it possible that a person so beautiful, self-confident is also so humble and pleasant. Love her. And can't wait to see them in Utah again.